FiMT publishes two new reports on its website

‘Life Transitions: What can be learnt across sectors to better support individuals when they undergo a life transition?’

In November 2016, FiMT partnered with St George’s House to deliver a consultation to explore how transition is approached and managed in different settings and sectors. These are examined from three different perspectives: the individual experiencing the change; the network of family and friends around the individual; and wider societal stakeholders. The overall aim of this consultation was to identify areas of best practice and insight so that individuals experiencing transition in their lives might be supported more effectively. FiMT hopes the insight from this consultation will help to inform the development of future policy and services for all people transitioning in whatever aspect of their life.

You can read the report here.

‘2013 Transition Mapping Study Evaluation Report January 2017’

FiMT has also just published another report with Arkenford. In 2013, FiMT published and launched the Transition Mapping Study (TMS), which was commissioned to develop understanding of the transition process for Service personnel returning to civilian life. FiMT subsequently commissioned Arkenford, an independent market research and evaluation company, to conduct an evaluation to understand the extent and manner in which the TMS influenced and impacted on policy development and service delivery.  The findings from this evaluation will be considered in the development of TMS 2017 which is currently underway.

You can read the report here.

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