Leading from the Start

Retired Colonel Audrey Smith, now approaching 80, has always been a trailblazer, especially for women in the military. Here is her story.

Audrey always actively pursued the life she wanted, which often meant rejecting the social norms at the time. She went to Nottingham University in the 1950s, when few women went onto higher education, studying economics, a subject considered more typical for men. While at University, she joined the Officer Training Corps (OTC), which led to her joining the Regular Army in 1962.

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Want to Start Your Own Business? By Ren Kapur

Ren Kapur, Founder and Chief Executive of X-Forces, shares her top tips. There are pros and cons to starting your own business, here is what you should consider.
– Being your own boss: you are in control of what you do, when and how.
– Follow your passions: you are free to create a business around your interests. You can explore completely new areas or create a career based on your military experiences.
– Uncapped income: you are no longer constrained by salary brackets, and can reap the financial rewards of growing a successful business.

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Insights from a Forces in Mind Trust Specialist Clore Social Fellow

Blog by Elizabeth George, Armed Forces specialist fundraiser

One could argue that the military charity sector is bursting with great leaders…Highly ranked, well known individuals who have done extraordinary things, under extreme circumstances and achieved the traditional trappings of heroic leadership in the process.

Many of these great men and women have had full careers leading Service people, and now lead the organisations that serve those self same Service people and their families.

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Afghanistan support

In light of recent events in Afghanistan, please find information and support resources here