New leadership programme opens for the Service charities sector

[Date: 12/06/2017]: Today Clore Social Leadership announced a new leadership development programme for the Service charities sector. ‘Clore6: Cobseo’ was designed in partnership with Cobseo, The Confederation of Service Charities, and Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), who are providing the programme’s core funding.

Aimed at emerging leaders in the Service charities sector, ‘Clore6: Cobseo’ seeks to develop a cadre of leaders to provide robust and effective leadership for their organisations and sector. The programme is built around Clore Social Leadership’s Social Leaders’ Capabilities Framework, which illustrates the attributes, behaviours and skills for successful leadership.

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Email warning –

If you have received an email from asking for information and mentioning Cobseo please delete it immediately

This is nothing to do with us – many thanks indeed to those of you who have forward it to us.

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What is the ‘Common Reporting Standard’?

ARNO/ RNOC has put together some briefing notes on the Common Reporting Standard:

Under a global agreement for exchange of information and an EU Directive on Administrative Cooperation known as the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), any charity which receives 50% or more of its gross income from investments and has any part of those assets under management via a discretionary investment mandate, falls within the definition of a “Financial Institution” and is therefore required to obtain data and potentially report on “Account Holders”.

A Financial Institution that is legally formed as a charitable trust will have to regard its charitable grantees as well as any living settlor as “Account Holders”, since these will be seen under the CRS as having an “equity interest” in the charity. This means that due diligence will need to be undertaken on all beneficiaries of those charitable trusts. Essentially this means determining whether or not a beneficiary is resident in the UK for tax purposes, and if not, beneficiaries should be asked to self-certify their tax residence and to provide a tax identification number if possible.

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A message from the Chairman

It is now a month since I took over as the Chairman of Cobseo and I have spent the time visiting as many members of the Confederation as possible, including a visit north of the border hosted by Veterans Scotland. I am conscious that the membership stretches across the length and breadth of the country and that there is much more to see. The impressions that I have gained so far are no more than a snapshot. Nevertheless, the visits and conversations that I have had have been extremely stimulating and encouraging.

The Service Charities which make up the Cobseo membership are remarkably varied and diverse. Their objectives, structures, size, concerns and requirements are all different; some are small and very local, some are huge and national. However, the unifying purpose of this divergent group is a passion for the Armed Forces Community that they serve. In my contacts so far, whether in head offices, in London, or in the country, that passion has been striking and tangible.

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