The Ripple Pond partners with Forces Wives Challenge for Armed Forces Day 2018

The Ripple Pond are very excited to announce our partnership with Forces Wives Challenge for Armed Forces Day 2018.

The Forces Wives Challenge is a ‘network of wives and partners throughout the country who come together to seek adventure and create, organise and participate in their own challenges’.Often following the flag, and the career of the serving partner, means that family sacrifices need to be made. Understanding this as part of a community is integral to seeing one another through tougher times such as tours, separation, injury, postings and general instability of family life.

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The Ripple Pond Receives Armed Forces Covenant Funding

Aldershot, Hampshire: The Ripple Pond is thrilled to announce the release of funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund. This will be used to highlight, support and engage with local Hampshire military families.

The Ripple Pond is a self-help support network for adult family members and friends of the physically or emotionally injured Service Personnel and Veterans. Through group meetings, a buddy system and a secret forum we provide a non-judgmental and confidential outlet to meet others coping with similar experiences. We are finding that caring for loved ones leaves many vulnerable to potential secondary trauma themselves – anxiety, stress, loneliness…

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