University regulator publishes guidance encouraging universities to include Service children in their support and outreach work

The SCiP Alliance has worked closely with the new government regulatory body for higher education, the Office For Students and its predecessor OFFA, to ensure Service children are considered alongside other underrepresented groups when universities formulate their outreach plans with their Widening Participation teams. Work by the SCiP Alliance and its partners is referenced in new guidance published by the OFS to inform institutions’ planning for 2019-20. The guidance not only informs universities and colleges about the challenges Service children may face and the skills and strengths they may accrue through their experiences but also challenges institutions to support this cohort’s success at higher education and to work with their local community. Download the guidance here.

The SCiP Alliance is also working with UCAS and our partners to produce guidance for university applicants from Service families and for admissions staff. We hope to build on recent guidance in a blog by the Directorate of Children and Young People’s Ed Harris and applicant guidance written by the Naval Families Federation last year  to provide a series of leaflets which will make institutions aware of the context and support applicants from Service families to make the most of their experiences.

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